How Social Media Can Help Real Estate Agents


Different businesses and industries are learning more and delving into the world of social media. The Real Estate industry especially has caught wind of the benefits of using social media, and it shows! 

In a study from the National Association of Realtors, social media has helped real estate agents with finding new clients, increasing their rate of referrals, and closing deals. Some of their findings are below: 

99% of millennials search for homes online

47% of real estate agents say the majority of their business comes from social media

77% of real estate agents are using social media to promote their business

Sounds like social media is helping real estate agents a bit! So, how is social media doing this? And what can you, a realtor, do to make social media help your real estate business? 

Post Listing Updates Frequently

Certain social platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn, allow you to post URL links in a post. As a real estate agent, you can post your property listings for your followers to view, all without having to leave the app. 

Showcasing your closed sales, active listings, and life as a realtor by posting frequently will showcase your industry experience and passion for what you do, which may entice potential clients. 

Create A Business Page

Because there are so many businesses on social media, there are now ways to create a separate business page from a personal page. A Facebook Business Page, for example, will allow you to include all your business information such as business hours and a call to action button. LinkedIn offers a similar feature, and while that platform is mostly for business professionals, it can still be a great way to connect with other realtors.

Instagram For Realtors

Instagram is a wonderful way for real estate agents to grow their business! Their algorithm uses hashtags and location tagging to target people that aren’t following you. Instagram is all about captivating photos and content. If you are looking for a way to boost your social media game, look into the features of Instagram that can hype up your page and help you gain followers aka potential clients, such as Instagram Reels or Stories.

Instagram also offers a business page and will give you access to track your analytics, demographic of your audience, and the best time to post. 

Social Media Ads 

While posting frequently and showcasing your skills behind a camera is great, a lot of real estates agents are also utilizing advertising on social media to gain leads and direct people either to their social media page, or even a website. 

Social media ads use location, demographics, and budget to expand the reach of your ad. And if studies show that most people are online searching for homes, it is likely that your real estate ad will perform and will be seen by tons of people. Something to keep in though, the housing market does have certain restrictions, so be sure to read all the guidelines before creating your ad. 

Provide Value to Your Local Community

Social media for real estate agents can also become a fantastic way to attract a local audience. One of the jobs for a realtor is to highlight their community: things to do, places to eat, the best schools, etc. If you are a realtor looking to create a successful social media presence, then building your brand as a knowledgeable person in your community is a great way to expand your audience and find people that are also living in your area.

There are countless ways to use social media to help real estate agents gain brand exposure, collect leads, and ultimately increase sales! If you are a realtor looking to master your social media pages but don’t know where to start, check out our social media management services!