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5 Top Pinterest Idea Pins for Business

Pinterest is a great place to advertise your business. It’s a little different than other social media platforms but it will absolutely help you with marketing for your business. Pinterest is about to release a new feature called “Idea Pins” or “Story Pins” that according to them (Pinterest) will empower anyone to “create inspiring content and […]

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Promoting Small Business on Pinterest

Pinterest is a unique “social media” platform in the sense that it is not really a traditional social media platform. Pinterest is more so a place where people go to discover new things: new recipes, new clothes, new house layouts, new products, etc. The fact that it is a place you can go to discover […]

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Advertising on Different Social Media Platforms

Social media advertising is a great way to reach new audiences for your small business. The key is to create the right social media ad strategy for your business; that way you can build your following, get website clicks, and drive sales for your brand or business. In this post, we will look at different […]

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4 Best Ways to Get More Views on TikTok

TikTok took the world by storm, especially in 2020 when the world was put on hold and people were stuck at home. TikTok is a great platform to use if your goal is to increase brand awareness. The key is to get more views because the more views you get, the more likely you will […]

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How to Start a Podcast in 2021

Looking to start a podcast in 2021? There is no better time to start a podcast, with more people (myself included) indulging in audiobooks and podcasts throughout my day, podcasts are a great way to learn, laugh, and listen to people you admire or are in your business niche. If you have a business that […]

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Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Business

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms that you can use for your small business. Using this platform has the potential to bring many new customers. The key to using Instagram marketing is to build an engaged following and positioning yourself as part of the online community; after all, that community could end […]

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3 Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement

Owning a business means that creating a positive experience with customers is imperative. Let’s say a customer tries your product and loves it. You make a deal with them, then you both go home for a happily ever after for however long the product is available. Except it doesn’t always work like that; the reality […]

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4 Tips for Your Business Blog

Blogging is a great way to expand your marketing strategy for your business. Some reasons to start a blog for your business include: to increase traffic to your business’s website, to establish yourself as an industry expert, or to have more content to share. Whatever the reason, It is important to the growth of your […]

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Blogging for Your Business

There are a lot of well-meaning marketers, and others out there that will tell you “blogs are dead”. They would probably also tell you all the reasons why blogging is not helpful to your business etc. The irony is that these marketers are writing this information in what seems to be very similar to what […]

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5 Powerful Hashtag Strategies for Your Business

Using hashtags on your social media can make or break your social media strategy. By using them correctly, you will get your posts seen by more people likely to be interested in your product or brand. However, if you use hashtags incorrectly, you can mess up the algorithm and potentially annoy followers. This is why […]

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