Facebook Creator Studio for Business


Social Media platforms are consistently releasing new features, and sometimes it can seem a bit cluttered. But if you use social media for business it’s not worth missing out on any of these features. One of those new features is Facebook Creator Studio.

Facebook Creator Studio is a great tool to plan, schedule, analyze, and monetize your activities across Facebook Pages and on Instagram accounts too. You can use it to publish content, analyze how your content is performing, and enhance your online marketing strategy. Facebook released this feature in hopes that different content creators, publishers, and brands would use it and share more video content. Below are some benefits of using Facebook Creator Studio for your business.

Scheduling Posts

One benefit of using Facebook Creator Studio is that you can schedule posts in advance. This tool is beneficial because you can schedule when your content posts. You will have the option to Create Post, Add Story, Upload Video, Upload Multiple Videos, or Post Video Across Pages. Along with being able to schedule your post in advance, you can also choose the audience that can see that specific post. You can make it public, which shows your post to anyone on or off Facebook; Restricted Audience, which restricts post visibility by location or age; News Feed Targeting, which allows you to target people with specific interests and their friends; and Top Fans, which shows the post to the followers who interact with your page the most. Being able to choose who can see the post will be helpful with marketing because you can schedule the posts to go to your businesses’ target audience. 

Insights and Data

Insights and data are often the most useful to your businesses’ digital marketing efforts. Facebook Creator Studio allows you to see how your content is performing, get metrics on your estimated earnings, and discover advanced insights about your audiences. Facebook also allows you to do a deep dive into specific posts (if you want to), all you have to do is go to the content library. Probably the best feature included in the insights tab is the loyalty view. The loyalty view shows you your follower’s activity and demonstrates how many were returning viewers and for how long they watched your videos. As your business grows it is important to know what content your audience is coming back for, and what new audiences you are reaching with a particular post.

Managing Engagement with Inbox

Anytime you use Social Media for your business you have to answer customer questions and/or messages. Facebook Creator Studio makes it easier to manage your inbox. Creator Studio allows you to set up automated responses to frequently asked questions such as, “Where are you located?” or “What hours are you open?” You can also send automatic notifications of appointments and follow-ups. Another benefit is you can organize your inbox into different categories and take action on specific threads. These features with Facebook Creator Studio’s Inbox helps you ensure that you’re staying on top of communication with your fans, followers, and customers. Managing your inbox is ideal for delivering quality customer service.


Using Facebook Creator Studio for your business means you can monetize your page with ads. You can allow ads to display before, after, or around your content. Now some rules have to be followed to get your page to the monetization side of creator studio. For example, sharing authentic content and developing an established presence, and creating a consistent experience for your viewers are a must for monetization. Developing a strong presence and engagement on your content takes time so don’t think that by using Facebook Creator Studio, you are going to automatically begin making money. However, monetization is something that you can keep in mind when posting content with Facebook Creator Studio.

Even though Facebook Creator Studio is a new feature that requires a learning curve, it can definitely be beneficial to use for your business. Step up your game with these tips and for even more help scaling your business, join my content intensive