Best Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

If you are like most people, you have the Pinterest app, used it to save recipes, create a board for your dream wedding, even for looking up quotes for your Instagram Bio. But have you considered what Pinterest can do for you and your business? Or how Pinterest can help bring more traffic and make more sales?

Just as you use Pinterest, everyone else does too. They save new, useful information, and the Pinterest algorithm recognizes that. Below, we will cover the Best ways to use Pinterest for your business.

Integrate your Website

The first thing you’ll want to do is integrate the website to Pinterest. Pinterest will allow you to turn your profile into a business profile. When you do this, you have the option to claim your website, so that when anyone goes to your profile they can see your direct link, which helps with SEO.

Number of Users

Pinterest takes the #4 spot as the most popular social media platform in the US. There are over 322 million monthly users. The chance of your pin promoting your business being seen is high compared to other platforms.

Pins Increase Exposure to You

The algorithm is all about the user experience. Pinterest users want relevant and up to date information all the time. Similar to how you would use a search engine, Pinterest searches show the newest pins posted. For your business, it would then be important to not only post frequently but several times a day. Note: As Pinterest is mostly visual, you will want to use different images with each pin. Posting 5-7 times a day, with different images, are guaranteed to perform better than 30 pins posted with the same image.

Higher conversion of Buyers

Many people use Pinterest to shop. As over 80% of Pinterest users are women and moms, Businesses that cater to those demographics are encouraged to promote their products and services on Pinterest. So, boutique owners, home decor shops, jewelry makers, or any other business that could benefit from shoppers on Pinterest, get to pinning!

Inbound Links

Every time you make a pin, Pinterest will allow you to add a destination link. This is especially helpful for any business that utilizes blogs to increase traffic to their site. If you are using the right keywords for your pins and are posing consistently and frequently, chances are that your business will not only be seen by the thousands of users on Pinterest every day,  but you will likely get clicks leading directly to your product page, the home page, or any other page you would like to direct customers to.

Keywords are Key

Just as you would with keywords for your website, marketing tactics, or even hashtags, keywords on Pinterest play a massive role in the visibility of your pin and getting traffic to your business. Using keywords in the title space and description that directly correlate with the pin, your business, and the board in which the pin is being posted, will provide you with the most amount of views possible. It is not enough to simply post a photo with a direct link. Take time to do keyword research for your business, you will not be sorry.

Promote your Business with Ads

Just like you would with Google or Facebook ads, Pinterest allows you to create ads to promote specific pins or boards. You have the option to create a certain demographic that you want to target or let Pinterest create an audience for you based on your current followers. However, using the methods above are proven to work just as well if not better than paid ads on Pinterest. So, save your money, and learn how to master Pinterest to its full potential!