What is Clubhouse? Here’s What You Need to Know

Every year, it seems that there is always a new app to master. In 2020, Clubhouse was founded and has quickly taken storm as the nest best online meeting place to network and communicate with friends and colleagues.  

If you are into conference calls, this is definitely the app for you. This is the first audio-only app where there are no photos, videos, or text. This may be of interest to people who are interested in podcasts and prefer listening over reading content. However, there are a few things to note before your download the app. 

How to Join Clubhouse

Well, right now you cannot just “join the app. As the app is still in the process of rolling out, you currently can only join via invite. So, if you know someone that is on the app already, you may ask them to send you an invite. 

Clubhouse is made up of “rooms”, which is similar to joining a conference call. Within the room, you can then join in on the conversation. If you don’t have a way to receive an invite, you can still download the app and join the waiting list and create a username. 

Another thing to note: Clubhouse is only available on iOS, but Android users shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for the app to open up to them. 


How Clubhouse Works

The purpose of Clubhouse is to connect with people and start a conversation on various topics. When you open the app, you can see a list of rooms to join. You will be able to view who is in each room, and you can also start a room of your own! 

If you choose to join a room, you can either listen to the audio or add your own and join in on the conversation. This is one way in which the app could be better than something like podcasting or live streaming. For individuals who enjoy attending conferences or listen to Ted Talks, this may be the app for them!

Who is On the App

Right now, Clubhouse rooms are hosted by celebrities, journalists, motivational speakers, and more, but anyone can join in and create their own room if they wish. The spike in interest in the app came from conversations hosted by these influential people, and the fact that anyone can communicate with them and ask questions, and join in on the conversation. 

If you are a business professional or are interested in audio-centered communication, then this may be the app to join! As far as business branding on the app, there is no word yet on how Clubhouse can be used for business branding, but as it continues to grow and more people join the app, there may be talks of subscriptions, and paid advertisements. 

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