Staying Productive While Working From Home


The year 2020 has increased the number of people working from home with many businesses and employees realizing that there are advantages to it. However, with the many benefits of working from home, there are also some disadvantages. Maybe you are one of those people realizing that it’s not as easy as you originally thought. It’s probably because many of us have been trained to work and focus with certain constraints. But now you’re on your own and you may find yourself unable to stay productive. Below are some tips that may help you stay on task and be more productive.


Figure Out a Routine and Schedule

When working from home, it can appear that you have much more free time than you actually have. Therefore, it is important to establish a routine and plan out your schedule. It’s helpful to institute a “going to work” routine where you put in the effort to shower, get dressed, put on makeup, and whatever else you typically do to make you feel ready for work. Doing these few things can help you mentally prepare for the workday ahead and make you feel more alert.

After establishing a routine, it is important to also plan out your work schedule. When working from home, it is your responsibility to set your schedule because while you will have more freedom, you will also have more responsibility. It’s up to you to figure out the time of day when you’re most alert and productive. This way you ensure that you get the most out of the hours in a day, by absolutely killing it when your brain is most efficient. Sticking to what works best for your strengths will help you be more productive in the long run.


Set Priorities

When working from home it can be tough to prioritize tasks and organize your workflow, therefore you will need to figure out what works for you. You can create a to-do list or find any other organizational tool to help you stay on task. Once your allotted work hours are over, make sure to stop. Knowing when to stop is just as important as knowing when to proceed because it is easy to take work home with you when you’re working from your living room or dining room table. Knowing when to stop will prevent you from burning out and blurring the line between home and work.


Create a Workspace

When working from home, it can be useful to try and create a separate space dedicated to just work. Ideally, having a home office room is the most beneficial, but unfortunately, that is not always possible. Commit to an area that you can work from without interruption and make it your own. Put up some decor that will help you focus on the tasks at hand. Decorate the workspace as if it were your cubicle or office in a traditional setting. Doing this will help you distinguish between what is work and what is home so that the line doesn’t get blurry. Plus when you aren’t working, you have your own space to be home.


Self-Care is Key

This tip is probably the most important one for anyone but especially for those working from home. Often, when working from home it becomes difficult to listen to your body’s cues when something is off. Therefore, it is important to practice self-care. Getting exercise should be the first thing added to your list of self-care practices. The good news is that since you’re working from home, you will be able to fit in exercise easier than if you were working in a traditional office setting. When you need a break, stand up and do some stretches or climb on that stationary bike for ten minutes. I guarantee you will begin to notice that you feel much better.

Another thing you can do is go outside. When you work from home, you may notice you don’t leave the house as often as you used to. Getting sunlight and fresh air will help clear your mind and motivate you (plus it has great health benefits). Staring at a screen during your entire allotted work time is not good for your health, and is very detrimental to your productivity; try to go outside even if it’s just for a few minutes.



While it can be difficult to stay productive and on task when working from home, it is not impossible. Hopefully, these few tips will help not only your productivity but also your physical and mental health. There are many other tips and ideas that you can do to remain productive, but these are the ones I have found to be the most beneficial. As always, you have to figure out what works for you and the job that you have. Check out my services to see how you can further enhance your work from home strategy.