Promoting Small Business on Pinterest


Pinterest is a unique “social media” platform in the sense that it is not really a traditional social media platform. Pinterest is more so a place where people go to discover new things: new recipes, new clothes, new house layouts, new products, etc. The fact that it is a place you can go to discover things should encourage you into promoting your business on this platform.

In fact, according to a survey by Cowen and Company, 47% of social media users saw Pinterest as the primary platform for discovering products and shopping. Now that you know this, you may be wondering what you can do to promote your business, and make money on Pinterest; don’t worry, below are four of the best tips to making money on this platform for your small business. 


1. Use an Ad Campaign

Using ads on Pinterest is one of the best ways for your small business to drive traffic, boost awareness, and make money on Pinterest. To take advantage of this feature you should describe your target audience using the Pinterest Ads Manager. With this feature, you can use demographics like age and location, as well as categories and interests to narrow down and better target the people you want to reach.

Once an ad is set up, it will appear in users’ home feeds in their relevant search results. Your target audience will be able to see the ads and hopefully, click on them to learn more.


2. Use Video Pins

Video pins are pretty cool in that they start playing automatically on a desktop which makes it a great way to grab viewers’ attention. Video pins are exciting because it’s a way for you to tell a story and promote your products/services in action. Video Pins are also great if you are already using video content on other social media platforms because then you can use the same video. Video pins are a great way for your audience to see the face behind the business. Sometimes, when people can see your face, they are more willing to try your product, especially if you show how to use it in the video. 


3. Use Pinterest’s Main Shopping Feature

The most direct way to sell on Pinterest is Product Pins. The reason for this is because they feature pricing, availability, and information on where to buy your product. The other benefit of Product Pins is that it takes the audience directly to your website to make the purchase. Not only is it beneficial because you are selling the product, but now you are getting more website views as well. Also, Pinterest has made it even easier to update Product Pins due to a feature called “Catalogs”. Catalogs is a data feed that connects your Pinterest account to your website inventory, therefore, anytime you change something on your inventory, Pinterest automatically updates the Product Pins. 


4. Collaborate with Similar Brands

Collaborating with brands similar to yours allows you the opportunity to tap into one another’s audience and increase your reach. It is very beneficial to partner with other businesses that have similar products. Not only are you networking and making friends in your field, but now you can partner together and make content together. Also, partnering with like-minded brands is an opportunity to get creative, elevate your brand’s perception, and generate a social buzz. Not everything in life has to be a competition. Honestly, you can learn a lot from other business owners, and they can learn a lot from you! It’s all about reaching your audience and selling more products.

Even though Pinterest is not a traditional social media platform, it is still a great place to make money for your small business. These four tips are a great starting point, and will definitely help you with your small business sales. Pinterest offers great features that you can try, and they are relatively easy to use. Just remember that trial and error is your best friend, don’t be afraid to fail, it is what will make you a better small business owner. Hall Social Media is here to build up small businesses. Click here to learn about our coaching services for aspiring entrepreneurs!