How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for your Business


Social Media has become one of the leading ways to market and generate leads and sales. Depending on your brand or business, where you spend your time and money will depend on marketing strategy, niche and target market, and the platform’s algorithm. Let’s unpack each social media platform, and then you can choose which platform is right for your business. 


Facebook Pros

If your first thought for social media for your business was Facebook, we understand why! 

  • It’s the largest Social Media Network in the world
  • Easy to create a business page, add links, and start sharing events
  • Ability to link websites directly to posts 
  • Facebook messenger is a great way to communicate with customers and clients
Facebook Cons
  • Approximately 73% of all users on Facebook are between the ages of 30-49. Your target market would want to appeal to this demographic to be useful
  • Users need to “like” brand pages to see content from you unless using paid ads
  • The main way to increase brand awareness is through shares and ads. 

Conclusion: If you want to utilize Facebook for promoting and expanding your business, there are definitely benefits if your target market is over the age of 30, and if your friends’ list is willing to share your posts. Otherwise, you may be better off trying another platform. 


Twitter Pros

When you think of Twitter for business, you might think of politicians and celebrities airing their dirty laundry. There are however quite a few upsides to sending out tweets for business: 

  • Excellent for bloggers and PR groups, as it’s easy to share content and stay up-to-date on current events and trends
  • Tweets are indexed by Google and can improve SEO
  • Twitter chats helpful in networking with similar brands 

Twitter Cons

  • Tweets are posted constantly, making it easy for your posts to be overlooked if you are not also posting frequently.
  • Character limits restrict how much you can say per post
  • If you are a marketer or journalist, chances are your competitors are on there too. 

Conclusion: If your business is centered around media and news or current trends, Twitter may be the Social Media Platform for your business. If you are willing to post frequently and study your competitors, It is a great way to drive traffic to your website and increase traffic.


Instagram Pros

Instagram is another powerful social media platform for your business if used properly and efficiently. Different products and services are marketed on Instagram every day and generate remarkably for several reasons:

  • 53% of users are between the ages of 18-29 
  • Hashtags allow you to reach beyond the span of your followers
  • 58x more engagement per follower than on Facebook
  • Features such as Instagram stories and IGTV videos to share even more content
  • Instagram is all about visuals. Great for displaying products and ads.

Instagram Cons

  • No clickable links in captions
  • 10k followers required to unlock swipe up feature in Instagram Stories
  • The timeline is unchronological. Active engagement is the only sure-fire way to get exposure on Instagram

Conclusion: Instagram is one of our favorite social media platforms for business, and it could be yours too if you know how to use it to your advantage. If you can stay consistent with posts and engagement, then your business will thrive on this platform.


Pinterest Pros

You may have used Pinterest in the past to save pins that appeal to you, but have you ever considered posting pins for others to save? Thousands of creators are utilizing Pinterest to spike sales in their business, in the following ways:

  • Similar to a search engine, Pinterest posts last longer than other social media platform posts and can reach thousands of people a day simply based on what people search, making keywords essential
  • Pins can be linked to their source
  • Pins are shoppable, making it perfect for marketing products and services
  • The average pin is repinned 10 times
  • 85% of users are female

Pinterest Cons

  • In order to be effective, frequent posts are necessary. No less than 5 pins a day 
  • Less interaction with customers
  • Mostly US-based

Conclusion: Learn how to generate frequent pins and post consistently, and this is easily one of the best social media platforms for any business. 


There are benefits to each of these platforms. You may want to utilize all of them, or you may find only one or two beneficial to your business. If you are interested in getting your business on social media, click here to learn about our social media management services!