How to be a Social Media Manager and Work From Home

The time has come! If quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that we now know what it’s like to work from home, and be good at it too! The world seems to be transitioning to more work from home jobs and being a social media manager-like myself- is one of them! So what exactly is a social media manager?

A social media manager handles all social platforms for a particular brand or business. It can be as little as one platform, to all platforms. From Facebook to Tik Tok, a social media manager does it all for their client. If you love how social media works and have been looking for a work from home job, this could be perfect for you.

What does it include?

Social media presence is huge in the world of business. In a way, it is free marketing and growth for a business! As a manager, your job is to help drive traffic and exposure through your client’s social media pages. You may have thought that customer service was the only job you could do from home, and if you love interacting with people, this is a great alternative to that!


Interacting with people on social media is one of the main jobs of a social media manager. Replying to comments on posts, responding to DMs, is all-important to growing a client’s audience and building a relationship with their followers.


Time to get your creative juices flowing! If you love to write, think outside the box with words, this part of the job is where you get to show off those skills. When you are a social media manager, the main thing a company will ask you to do is to post their content for them. They may already have photos and content for you to use, or you may have to come up with the content yourself. Each client has different needs and it’s our job as a social media manager to guide the client in the direction that’s best for their brand and end goals.


Depending on which platform your client wants you to focus on, hashtag research may be another task for you! Hashtags, like keywords for sites, are essential for getting more traffic to your client’s page. It’s important to stay up to date on trending hashtags and hashtags that fit their target market well.

How do I start?

If you want to make this your work from home career, there are a few things you may want to learn right off the bat:

Learn How to analyze data

Your client may ask you for monthly reports on the growth of their pages. Understanding engagement rates and analytics for those social platforms are major for you to get really into social media management. Always study trends, as the algorithms are always changing to make the user experience better!

Learn Tools for Success

Being a Social media manager is not a one-man-band. In order to make this new work from home job successful, you need an arsenal of tools to help you stay organized, and on top of each client. Whether that’s a post scheduler, and content calendar, even just a handy dandy planner, you’ll need them to get ahead of the game and make yourself reliable.

Job Boards

There are so many ways to find clients nowadays. You no longer have to solely rely on those massive sites like Indeed or Monster to find a job. LinkedIn is a great resource for social media managers to find potential clients. There’s also Fiver and Upwork, where you can list your skills and search for people who are in need of your services. Build a stellar resume, even if you don’t have experience. List skills, any classes you took or books you read, and explain how you would provide value to the client.

If you are truly looking to work from home and don’t want a normal 9-5 hour job, being a social media manager may be something to consider. If done right, you could have a team of your own, with hours that work for you, and there’s really no limit to how much how can make. If you want to get with a coach and start today on becoming a social media expert, click here!