Why You Should Use Facebook Live for Business


Facebook Live is Facebook’s live streaming tool where you can broadcast a live video to the people who like your page, their friends, and beyond. Tools like Facebook Live gives businesses the capacity to showcase the behind the scenes elements of their process along with many other benefits. Below are seven great benefits of using Facebook Live for your business. 


Facebook Live is Well-Developed

Even though Facebook is one of many social platforms offering the live experience, Facebook is the most developed. The platform’s built-in notification system lets users know when a page they like is ‘going live’. Facebook also allows a business page to promote a live video in advance while letting users set reminders so they don’t forget to tune in. Having a live experience that is well developed is useful for expanding your reach and for brand exposure. 


Live Lives On

Once a live video is finished, Facebook gives you the option to save the video to your phone’s camera roll. Which means you have it for playback and further marketing use later on. Also, once your live broadcast is over, your video turns into a standard video that stays on your Facebook page like any other post – meaning the content isn’t only available at the time of going live. This is an awesome feature for your followers that couldn’t catch the live broadcast because they can catch up later.


Creates Community

Using Facebook Live is a great way of creating a sense of community and loyalty. Going live allows you to engage with your viewers getting to know them on first name terms. It allows you to reply to their questions and comments. The ability to reply to comments and converse in the moment lends itself to creating meaningful customer relationships without parameter. Also, research shows that more people (about 85%) say they’re more likely to watch a live broadcast on Facebook than on TV because of the opportunity to get involved and interact. 



Facebook as a social platform has well-developed in-stream analytics. However, Facebook live analytics have been refined even further to offer information on peak live viewer figures, total reach, reactions, comments, and shares. Having access to this analytics dashboard makes it easy for you to see what content works and what doesn’t. As a business, it is important to check in on your analytics because it will help you measure the success of your Facebook strategy. Knowing what type of live content your audience responds well to means you can create more of it. 


Simulcast Is A Cool Thing

Facebook live has a Simulcast function that enables Social Media managers to stream live content to more than one Facebook page at a time. For example, if you want to stream from your business page as well as your personal page Simulcast enables you to stream the same live video to all selected pages at once. Meaning, the people that do not follow your business page will get exposure to your live video. The only thing you have to do is make sure the user going live has admin access to all the desired pages. 


The 4 Hour Time Limit

Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook live was developed for longer videos with slightly more substance. Facebook allows users to film up to four hours of live content in a single stream! Having this interface on Facebook is ideal because people are prepared to spend longer watching live videos on the platform. This is useful to your business because you can showcase more timely events, such as gigs and conferences. This also allows you more time to give your audience some behind the scenes footage without feeling like you are cramped for time. 


It’s Free

When you have a brand or business, marketing is a must. Facebook Live is a refreshing and low-cost way of connecting with your audience. According to Digitell (a business that focuses on live-streaming events), 30% of audiences watching the live stream of an event will buy a ticket to attend the physical event the following year. Going live is also a great way to show how your product works which in turn may help increase sales. 


All in all, Facebook Live is a free way of getting your brand or business exposure, and you can’t beat free advertising. If you are looking to seriously expand your business, learn how to dominate the social media space with my masterclass