How to Create a Facebook Business Page


When running a small business today, it is important to make a strong social media presence, and the best way to do that is to create a Facebook Business Page. A Facebook Business page is a great and free way to increase brand awareness and eventually generate sales on Facebook. However, that’s not all you can do on a Facebook Business Page. Your Facebook Business Page can be the central hub away from the business website that allows you to: curate customer reviews, run Facebook-exclusive promotions and ads, engage customers and take questions from prospects, and much more. Now that you know all the benefits of creating a Facebook Business Page, let’s take a look at how to get started.

 1. Create Your Page

Facebook business pages are created using a personal Facebook account. Log into your Facebook account, and head to Facebook’s “Create a Page” site. Facebook will provide you with two options: 1. Business or brand or 2. Community or public figure. Unless you are trying to create an influencer page, then you would choose the business or brand portion and click “get started”. You will then be prompted to choose a category for your business, just select whichever category relates more to your business. And voila, you are now ready to start building your page! 

2. Choose a Profile Picture and Cover Photo

This is an important step because your page and cover images are the first things that someone will see when they click on the page. Try to make sure that your profile images are sleek and not too “busy”. As for the cover photo, you can use it to show off company slogans or use the image to highlight promotions, hashtags, or products. Since the cover photo is a larger image you can absolutely take advantage and make it fit your business. Choosing the right images can make your page look more professional. 

3. Enter Business Details

Make a point to fill out as much information and enter as much detail as possible. Entering your contact information, and hours and location will help people reach your business through Facebook. When filling out your business information try to imagine somebody learning about your business for the very first time. What do you want these people to know about you and your brand? This is the time to go into as much detail as possible instead of using keywords. 

4. Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Once you complete all your business details, invite your friends to like your page. Facebook will prompt you to invite your current Facebook friends from your personal account so don’t worry too much if you forgot to do this earlier. Inviting existing Facebook friends can provide a good initial base of likes for your new Facebook Business Page. Also, many friends may take that extra step and share your page with their friends exposing your business page to even more people. 

5. Make sure Messenger is Up to Date

For a business page, it is important to customize your Facebook Messenger. With Facebook Messenger, you can create auto-replies, away messages, and other greetings to ensure that visitors get the information they need when they try to reach you. If you are a small business try to make it a point to respond to customers in real-time, but you can also set up an FAQ to handle simple questions. 

6. Customer Reviews

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar business or not, enabling reviews is important for your business or brand. Reviews automatically populate on your Business Page and will show what your customers like about your business. Facebook star-ratings show up within both Facebook and Google searches. Therefore, having good feedback on display will set you apart from your competition. Keep in mind that with reviews, it is important to set up a plan to manage them only because there are trolls and spam content that could potentially leave reviews. Don’t fret though, the majority of reviews you receive will be from actual clients and customers. 


Everything mentioned above will help you start a Facebook Business Page for your business or brand. Having a Facebook Business Page comes with a lot of features that will definitely help you promote your business organically. These features will help you set specific goals for your Facebook audience in order to grow your business so if you haven’t already, go set up your Facebook business page today. Looking for help managing social media pages? Out team offers social media services for every type of business!