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How Social Media Can Help Real Estate Agents

Different businesses and industries are learning more and delving into the world of social media. The Real Estate industry especially has caught wind of the benefits of using social media, and it shows!  In a study from the National Association of Realtors, social media has helped real estate agents with finding new clients, increasing their rate […]

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3 Best Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

If you are a brand or business looking to increase your engagement on Instagram, you are not the only one. Instagram is a great platform for marketing; it’s not hard to see why considering Instagram users are increasing every day. Keep in mind that increasing Instagram engagement takes time and effort. Good things take time […]

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Benefits of Working Remotely

The year 2020 was definitely one to remember. Covid-19 forced the world to adjust to a new normal. It forced many companies all over the world to send their employees home to work remotely. It was an adjustment for everyone, but what was discovered are the benefits of working from home. Whether you are already […]

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When to Post on Instagram for Business

If you own a business and you use Instagram to share content, it is important to know when to post on Instagram. Finding the best time to post on Instagram is known to increase reach and engagement, which is important when trying to grow a business. In reality, it boils down to where your followers […]

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Instagram Reels for Business

In August 2020, Instagram rolled out a new feature called Instagram Reels. This new feature is essentially short-form video content similar to TikTok in that Instagram users can record and edit together 15 to 30-second video clips. These clips can be shared to IG stories, explore feed, and a new feature called the Reels tab […]

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5 Best Ways to Sell Products on Instagram

If you are a business owner that is selling products online, you should be using Instagram as a selling platform. It is likely your customers are already on Instagram so learning how to promote and sell on the platform will not only help increase sales but also page engagement. Below are some tips that will […]

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7 Benefits of Creating an Instagram Business Page

If you’re a business or brand wanting to create a following on Instagram and want to use the platform strategically, you should create an Instagram business page. Creating an Instagram business page gives you many added perks that help improve the usability of your business. Below are just a few advantages of creating an Instagram […]

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Top Reasons to Optimize your Instagram Bio Link and 3 Tools Will Help

If you have an Instagram account you’ve probably noticed that the platform only gives you a single link to place in the bio section of your profile. You’re not able to add links to individual posts on top of it, which is why you’ll often see Instagram users close their captions with “link in bio.” […]

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How Often to be Engaged on Social Media

As a Social Media Manager, you want to achieve the best result from each social media post. Many articles have been written over the years suggesting that there are secret formulas to get more views on each post.  The reality is, there is no secret formula for how often to post on social media. The […]

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5 Social Media Tips for MLM

If you are a part of an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), you may be wondering what the best ways to promote on social media are. Social media can be great for you to boost your MLM business by selling products and recruiting distributors.  Whether you are new to Social Media for MLM or just want to […]

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