5 Ways to Use Byte for Business


Byte is a new social media platform that launched in January 2020. This platform allows users to upload six-second videos. While it is similar to other social media platforms, there are also many differences and benefits to using it for business. Below are some things you can do on Byte to increase awareness for your business. 


1. Share Original Content

It is tempting to share the same video across multiple platforms: it saves you time and lets people see the great thing you spent so much time making. However, reposting identical content can hurt your brand. Byte emphasizes creativity as a core value, so if you are planning on using it for your business, be as creative as you can. 


2. Engage to Grow your Audience

If you are going to be successful in using Byte for business, it is important to engage with your audience. This means liking, rebytting, and commenting on other Byters’ videos! Go onto the explore page and find users that fit your audience. Engage proactively and reactively: reply and follow back when users comment on your videos or follow you. Also, you can see out other creators to engage with. 

Keep an eye on your Byte stats (likes, rebytes, and comments) to track your engagement. Just like any other platform, these analytics provide helpful insights into what’s working and what’s not. 


3. Share a quick DIY or tutorial 

If your business has anything to do with beauty, cooking, crafts, or other creative industries, mini-tutorials are great to use on Byte. It is also great to show mini videos of your product and how it works. For example, if you created unbreakable dog toys you can post videos of dogs playing with those toys to show that the product does work. The trick is to showcase your product in a clever, attention-grabbing way. 


4. Be Funny

The Byte short video format is ideal for gags and silliness. However, if your brand voice is a serious one, then this app might not be the best fit. But, if you connect with your audience through humor, Byte can be a great place to build connections. Byte is also a place to be casual and off the cuff, so if you are wanting to test concepts, jokes, and campaigns this is the best platform to do so. 


5Partner Program

Byte is piloting a different model of advertising than other platforms, promising no “pre-roll” ads or ads in your following feed (like on Instagram). So what does their ad strategy look like? Ad campaigns will be managed through their Partner Program. Participation in the Partner Program is by invitation, though brands and individuals can apply for consideration through an easy to use form. All applications will be vetted and the number of partners will be limited to keep the platform from becoming overly saturated with promoted and sponsored content. This seems like a good strategy to keep the focus on creators, and also avoid the pitfall of ads that alienate or annoy users.


Final Thoughts

Even though Byte is a brand new app and is a new platform that you would have to learn, it can still be a beneficial tool for your business. By doing all of the things listed above you can build a successful page to grow your audience. Just like any new social media platform, Byte will be a learning curve, but it can also be very beneficial. If you think Byte is something that would benefit your business’ vision then go ahead and start an account. The decision should always be based on what is best for your business, and brand.

If you are a business looking to expand on social media, try Byte out! Feel like you’re too busy, but would like to have an account? Click here to learn about our social media management options!