5 Top Reasons You Need Tik Tok for Your Business

The latest craze is here and here to stay! Tik Tok is the newest trending social media platform where users can create fun videos directly from their phones. If you are looking for any type of brand exposure, look no further! With users opening the app more than 8 times a day, and no stats of usage slowing anytime soon now is the perfect time to bite the bullet and download Tik Tok, whether it’s for personal or professional means. 


Tik Tok has over a billion downloads as of February 2020. That’s a lot of potential eyes viewing your content! Whether you are an influencer, blogger, or a business owner trying to promote a product or service, Tik Tok has now become your hot spot for not only millions of users, but a unique age demographic! 41 percent of users are aged between 16-24. So basically if your target audience is under age 30, now is your time to shine!

Time on the app

Has anyone recently taken a dive down the wormhole that is Tik Tok’s For You page? If you have you’re one of the many users that spend an average of 52 minutes on the app. This is especially important if you are trying to gain exposure, market, etc. Advertisers are already seeing how Tik Tok can work in their favor and are paying people thousands if not more just to create a fun video for their product or service. If you are looking to become an influencer at all, Tik Tok is the first app you should be downloading right now. Plus, there is talk that paid ads will soon be added to the main feed. If you are in paid advertising and wondering if you should explore other avenues to gain exposure through paid ads, this may be just for you. 


If you are looking to market your own services, here’s the free way to market yourself! Tik Tok has rights to popular songs and allows you to create and edit videos straight from their app. Use their unique filters and effects to attract an audience, and their trending hashtags will land you straight on to the For You page! Thank’s to their unique algorithm and artificial intelligence, you get personalized recommendations for videos. This reinforces what we said about hashtags. Use them correctly and you could possibly go viral!

Great if you’re camera shy

If you are new in the Social Media space or are hesitant to join other platforms like Youtube, Tik Tok may be perfect for you! Videos can be as short as 5 seconds or as long as a minute. You have the option to save sound effects and videos you like and can use them when creating your own videos! Tik Tok is the perfect culmination of creating your own content, or putting a unique spin on existing content! You don’t even need to show your face if you don’t want to. Product reviews and tutorials are always a great option, and bay be perfect for your business branding as well. 

Ability to share elsewhere

Probably my favorite function of Tik Tok, is that it allows you to send your video straight to other platforms! Instagram, Facebook, Insta Stories, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, and email! Not only is it another way to get exposure on your Tik Tok page, but you can now reuse content through various platforms. Work smarter, not harder, am I right?

Wherever you are in your business, we hope this info get’s you one step closer to your goals! Tik Tok has so many benefits, so download it today to see what it can do for you. If you want even more info on how social media can scale your business, click here!