5 Social Media Tips for MLM


If you are a part of an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), you may be wondering what the best ways to promote on social media are. Social media can be great for you to boost your MLM business by selling products and recruiting distributors. 

Whether you are new to Social Media for MLM or just want to improve your techniques, these five tips will help your MLM business take off:


Create a Business Page

Your MLM is a business and should be treated as such. Many times people use their personal page to promote their MLM. Firstly, that can be annoying. Secondly, it can get confusing. If one minute you are posting personal content like your children or your spouse, and the next you are posting about your business, it can be confusing for your audience. That’s not to say that the occasional post on your personal page is wrong. But if your MLM is a business, you should create a business page to post most of your business content on there. A nicely laid out business page with a strong header image will set you apart from a lot of the other MLM’s out there. Don’t be afraid to be different. Be business-like. 


Look like a Professional

If the look of how you present your products isn’t right, you are fighting a losing battle. When you are posting pictures, make sure the background is tidy, the lighting is clear and, the lens is in focus. Your phone can take great pictures, so investing in professional cameras is not necessary. 

Natural light is great for pictures if you can shoot during the day. Also, looking at magazines to see how products are placed, and how the shot is lined up can help make your pictures look professional. Along with quality pictures, post a great description that tells your audience the value and the benefits the product will add to their life. Make sure to check your spelling, grammar and, punctuation, and don’t be too informal. Remember professional, business-like.


Create Mailing Lists

Once you start seeing growth in your audience, you can encourage them to sign up for your mailing list. Many people still check their emails, and a monthly newsletter may be a great way to share product news offers. Services such as MailChimp can help get you started. Drive traffic from your social media pages to your email sign up page and onto your list. 

It is important to remember not to take advantage of your MLM customers’ providing their email addresses. Don’t spam them, be clear about what they are signing up for when they provide their email. Also, never add someone’s email without their permission, that’s not fair and is unprofessional.


Make Videos

Videos are a great way to stand out! Making short, clear, good videos is an ideal way to show off your products. Have kitchenware? Cook something. Makeup; do a makeover. Beauty product; show how it works. Use the video to show your audience what the product does instead of just telling them about it. By doing this it shows your audience why they need that product in their life. 

Just like the pictures, you won’t need fancy recording equipment. Just make sure that your sound, picture, and lighting are clear. Hit record and off you go. Don’t worry about making mistakes along the way, you can easily edit them out!


Be Consistent

One of the key factors to social media success as an MLM is consistency. Be consistent with your tone and your message. Your audience wants to know why you use these products. Be consistent with the message you put out. If the message is not clear, then people will struggle to relate to you and potentially lose trust in you. 

Don’t give up! There will be days where it feels like you are only talking to yourself but keep going. After all, Rome was not built in one day.

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