3 Powerful Organizational Apps for Your Business


When it comes to your business, organization and productivity are fundamental. There are many ways that you can achieve organization like with journals and day planners. But if you are anything like me, lugging around a physical book can be too much when you are on the move. Thankfully most of us carry a mini-computer in our pockets that can easily download some great organizational tools to help optimize our daily task performance. Below, I will go into detail on the top three organizational apps to help you and your business get organized (in my opinion of course).


Evernote has been around for a few years yet it remains one of the best apps for organization and productivity. This app is perfect for quick notes during a lecture, storing books, or saving articles. An awesome feature is that it automatically synchronizes all of the notes you take, so let’s say your phone is on the charger but you need to pull up those notes you made earlier in the day, you can pull out any device with Evernote on it and find the draft there.

Evernote can also be used to make a to-do list that you can create on your laptop and access it from your phone when you’re on the move. You can also use it by sharing files, collaborating on projects with colleagues, and adding notes to file attachments. It is a great tool to use for your business. This app is available on both Android and Apple devices and offers a free option as well as a subscription option. The subscription option offers more features and storage but if you are just trying it out, the free option will work perfectly fine for your business.


Asana is a great tool if you need to do a better job at increasing your organization and productivity, as well as your teams. Asana offers a version that interlinks team members in your project, providing a place where everyone can see where projects stand, what’s due, and who is responsible for what task.

One of Asana’s key features and the main reason it is helpful for business is it offers a shared team calendar that provides a long-term view of the project(s). You can also organize conversations by project or task including feedback, and discussions. This will allow you to separate the discussions and allow you to communicate more effectively with your team. Asana is available for both Android and Apple devices. It offers a free version with basic features for up to 15 users. There is also a premium version and a business version with extra features and customization options. If you have a small business with a small team, the free version will work just fine.

Week Plan

Week Plan focuses on planning out your week in advance. Some studies recommend planning according to the week; this is to avoid being bogged down by daily to-do lists that don’t leave much room for prioritization of important tasks. This app will help you get organized and help you stay on track.

One of Week Plan’s key features is it has a “quadrant view” that allows you to map out tasks according to their importance and urgency. By using this feature you can determine what tasks will have the most impact and eliminate unnecessary tasks. Some other features include a planner, calendar sync, attachments, reminders, and a Pomodoro timer. Week plan is available for both Apple and Android devices and costs $16.25/month or $156/year.


Do What Works Best for Your Business

There are many more organizational tools and apps out there and honestly, they all probably have great features. These three are just my favorite and are some that I have personally used for myself and as a part of a team. I’d recommend downloading the free versions and trying them out because you won’t know what works best for you and your business until you try it. Feel free to Contact Me with any other organization questions you may have to increase productivity!